MacBook Air: After two months

I’ve now been using the MacBook Air for two months. Here is my snapshot:


  • battery lasts all day long (for typical office tasks)
  • battery recharges quickly
  • it’s light and slim
  • it boots up – and shuts down in about 10s
  • it’s fast
  • it’s very quiet and runs cool (most of the time)

The light, slim design – coupled with fast start up time – make it ideal for using on the go. It can easily be carried and then got out for a quick note.


  • the two and three finger gestures take some time to get used to – I am still finding myself having to back up where I have made a ‘gesture’.
  • browser wars – the safari browser works best on the Mac OS, but I want to use Chrome when using google docs
  • the screen is a bit on the small side ( a compromise made for a smaller, lighter laptop)
  • I have no idea what iPhoto is doing with my pictures


I like it. It’s fast and portable. It’s great for most office tasks, browsing etc. So far, so great!