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Fun ways to learn spelling words

Here are a couple of fun ways to learn those all important sight words.

1. Using ‘wiki sticks’ – these coloured, malleable and slightly sticky objects can easily be bent into letter shapes and words. Then they can be reused!


Modelling spelling words with Wiki Stiks
Wiki Stiks can be used to make spelling words

The tactile properties of the sticks and the mental effort required to form the shapes may help children learn the words.

2. Coloured chalk out in the school yard.

Using coloured chalk to practise spelling words
Children using coloured chalk to practise spelling words
Spelling with coloured chalks
A child uses coloured chalk to practise sight words on the concrete

Learning High Frequency words is a part of learning to spell. It is useful for those odd words that don’t follow the rules.

Story Starters – an idea for a quick story

Want to come up with some quick ideas to write a story?

Try Scholastic Story Starters ( )

Once on the page you can choose a theme (adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or scrambler ) and a slot machine-style spinning wheel will give you an idea for a story. This can be especially effective with an interactive whiteboard.

Story Starter Homepage Image
Story Starter Homepage

Quick Lesson Idea (This worked well with a Year 3 / Grade 2 class)

The class gathered around the interactive whiteboard looking at the Story Starter Homepage…

The kids chose a theme together – with a quick show of hands

One of them pulled the handle and generated an idea. We repeated a couple of times until we had an idea that most of them felt they could write about…

In pairs they then had 15 minutes to write a quick story on an iPad.

They then read the stories to the rest of the class – whether complete or not.

We used the interactive whiteboard to project the stories from the iPad, but I am sure this lesson would be equally fun without either!