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International School Employment – Jobs in Bangkok

International School Employment

Teaching Jobs at NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Jobs at NIST :

NIST School website:

Employment at International Schools in Bangkok, Thailand

Follow the link to see a list of International Schools in Bangkok, many post employment opportunities on their websites.

SENIT-Special Education Network in Thailand @ISB November 27, 2015

Many schools have mentioned that they would like to learn more about available school psychologists and speech therapists in Thailand.  We have a range of outside providers that will attend the meeting, present on their particular services/areas of expertise, and participate in a question and answer session afterwards.  After some time spent catching up with each other over lunch, we will reserve the remainder of our time for discussing topics and issues that are brought up by you!  As such, please come prepared with a list of topics, questions, and/or issues to share.

Next meeting will be in April 2016

Teaching Jobs in South East Asia at International Schools

International School Teaching Jobs in South East Asia


Yokohama International School | Yokohama | Employment page


UWCSEA Vacancies page


NIST International School | Bangkok | Employment page

Other schools in Bangkok | A list of international schools in Bangkok, Thailand

Please follow the links to check out employment opportunities in the South East Asia Region. Many schools will be advertising initial vacancies from October onwards.

International Teaching Jobs in Japan. International Teaching Jobs in Singapore. International Teaching Jobs in Thailand.

Back to School

Excited voices, noisy playtimes, my how you’ve grown! It’s back to school time! Getting to know each other again or meeting new people, catching up with old friends and beginning to make new ones. Seeing how we fit in. Looking at new and refurbished buildings.

It’s a new year but I will be working with many of the same children and their parents again on a new year level team.
We have camp coming up in November and exhibition in February.

On a personal level I am switching my masters study to a new university and hope to have some insights to post. And I am going to try to upload some videos to my youtube channel.

An exciting year ahead indeed!

SENIT-Special Education Network in Thailand

What happened at the Sixth Meeting of SENIT.

SENIT (Special Education Network in Thailand) meets twice a year in Thailand. The sixth meeting was hosted by Prem Tinsulanonda International School in Chang Mai on Monday 27 April 2015. This provided a perfect opportunity for teachers and others working within special education to discuss developments in practice and to share their experiences and ideas.

The ‘North’ was well represented by schools from around Chang Mai. In addition to the host school PREM, there were participants from Chang Mai International School, Lanna International School, Grace International School as well as NIST International School in Bangkok.

Welcome by Head of School

Participants were welcomed by the Head of School at PREM, who emphasised the importance of partnership in the provision of Learning Support for all learners with the Learning Support specialist supporting teachers in the classroom. There should be a transfer of knowledge about students within the school with all teachers in contact with children, parents and outside specialists. Everyone should be challenging all students to meet their potential.

Visiting School Program

Linda gave an introduction to some of the services offered within the visiting school program. These include:

  • The working farm
  • Teamwork and leadership: challenges, e.g. ropes, climbing, rafts
  • Thai cooking and fruit carving
  • Overnight camping on campus
  • Education trips provided: throughout Thailand
  • Outdoor education, service learning and experiential programs
  • Sustainability and watershed programs- including a barge program on Chao Phraya River which can be residential
  • Wellness community programs

For more information about VSP visit the website:

Topics for the day

  • Writing Strategies-VCOP/Kung Fu
  • IPad Apps
  • Small group talks
  • Feeding back to larger groups
  • Online resource mobymax (reading, math, grammar, writing, etc)
  • Co-teaching: Myth or Reality?
VCOP strategies for immediate impact on writing from emergent to fluent writers.
  • Vocabulary
  • Connectives
  • Openers
  • Punctuation

Anita showed how children could be encouraged to widen their use of language, resulting in richer writing. We learned that ‘wow words’ could really make us say, ‘wow!’ And we all had a go at ‘punctuation Kung-Fu’. Great fun, but you had to be there!

iPad Apps

Core Apps:

  • Book Creator
  • Explain Everything
  • imovie
And More
  • Thinglink
  • reflector – to beam ipad onto screen $12
  • aurasma
  • Green Screen search app store for  ‘green screen by do ink’ – a great app that allows layers to be built up
  • AutoRap : can turn spoken word (or song) into a rap – good for poetry
  • Prodigy Math
  • istopmotion
Some other software and resources we talked about (an on-line resource) for

  • reading comprehension
  • writing
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • math

$99 for a user – who can then add classes

prodigy // – a free math program. You can create assignments from topics. Get feedback.

Recommended from our Group discussion:

Read Naturally: Take Aim Vocabulary for dyslexic readers

Jamestown Comprehension skills series with writing activities

Co-teaching: myth or reality?

Beth asked the question, ‘Co-teaching: myth or reality?’

The big hurdle is finding the time for planning. This is essential  – but may not be timetabled. Co-teaching works best when you find people who want to do it – rather than when it is imposed on teachers – and when there is understanding between the teachers.

It may take time to get used to different teaching styles and different classroom expectations. But it is worth it!

Thanks to Lynne and the team at PREM. Hope to see everyone at SENIT next time!

SENIT is a local chapter of SENIA – see the website for more information or the SENIT site

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