Spelling words stuck in an exercise book

Do you keep losing your spelling list?

Being able to refer to a list of high frequency words (sight words) while editing writing is a  good way for children to improve the quality of their written work. Unfortunately word lists can be a bit cumbersome and may add an extra layer of difficulty for children with attention or executive function issues.

One way to ensure that the words are always available is to stick them in the child’s book. But you still have the problem of having to turn a page to look at the word list and then return to the writing or editing.

Spelling words stuck in an exercise book
The spelling words list folds out from the inside cover of the book – allowing the words to be read while the child is writing on any page

One way to overcome this problem by using another piece of paper to make a ‘gatefold’ sleeve ( like you sometimes got on an old vinyl record sleeve). The genius of this is that when the flap is folded out, the spelling words can be seen, and either page of the book can be written on. In this case the words are on the left hand side (inside the front cover) because the child is right-handed. For a left-handed child the list would fold out from the inside of the back cover.

Exercise Book
A list is folded inside the cover and stuck in