Self management strategies

Simple classroom strategies and accommodations

Language: Both Reading and Writing
  • graphic organisers/ mind maps
  • pre-planning and discussion
  • frequent check-ins
  • editing check lists / word lists
  • reading / thinking – eg. visualising, summarising, inferencing
  • allow child to type work
  • encoding/ decoding: does it sound right? does it look right? Chunking
Self management

(for children with executive function difficulties and those with ADHD type behaviours)

  • give clear simple instructions / provide visually where possible (e.g.whiteboard, post-it notes)
  • break down tasks into smaller tasks
  • give visual cues and demonstrations
  • ask student to repeat directions
  • prompt / warn e.g before question / before transitions
  • seating: away from distractions, near good role models. Choose groups before activity
  • build movement into lesson plan

During a recent learning support coffee morning with very busy specialist teachers we came up with this brief list of strategies and accommodations to help children with language and attention difficulties in a range of classroom settings.

I think that this serves as a good reminder!