Story Starters – an idea for a quick story

Want to come up with some quick ideas to write a story?

Try Scholastic Story Starters ( )

Once on the page you can choose a theme (adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or scrambler ) and a slot machine-style spinning wheel will give you an idea for a story. This can be especially effective with an interactive whiteboard.

Story Starter Homepage Image
Story Starter Homepage

Quick Lesson Idea (This worked well with a Year 3 / Grade 2 class)

The class gathered around the interactive whiteboard looking at the Story Starter Homepage…

The kids chose a theme together – with a quick show of hands

One of them pulled the handle and generated an idea. We repeated a couple of times until we had an idea that most of them felt they could write about…

In pairs they then had 15 minutes to write a quick story on an iPad.

They then read the stories to the rest of the class – whether complete or not.

We used the interactive whiteboard to project the stories from the iPad, but I am sure this lesson would be equally fun without either!