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Why I am using Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage solution that you can connect to from a range of devices.

Dropbox Icon
Dropbox Icon

I am using Dropbox because:

It works on different devices.

It allows me to store 2gb  or more and I can access it from multiple devices. I am using dropbox on windows laptops at school and at home, an iPad and my android phone.

It is great as a ‘staging post’ for my photos.

Once Dropbox is installed on a device you can set it to automatically upload new photos to Dropbox. This works well when I take a snapshot using my Android phone, or the iPad. The photo is uploaded to Dropbox over wifi and the next time I open Dropbox  on my laptop the photo is available there. I can then sort my photos for publishing, inserting into other documents, back up to an external hard disk or sharing on Facebook etc.

I can upgrade my cloud storage.

If you recommend to a friend (who then installs dropbox) or attach new devices additional storage will be added for free. You can also pay for additional storage. I think it is expensive when you consider free alternatives such as Google Drive or Flickr, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

It will upload from different media.

Once installed on a computer Dropbox will prompt you to upload files when you plug in storage such as flash drives and memory cards, or a camera. You can make this upload automatic, or opt-out.

It will upload different file formats.

Dropbox is not only for photos, you can also upload other documents which you can then share with other users. This includes office documents such as word documents.

You can share files on Dropbox.

Once you have files in Dropbox it is easy to share them with others who have Dropbox or through a link.