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Year 5 School Camp

Year 5 School Camp

We had tears, laughter, scraped knees and a lot of fried chicken and rice! We got wet on kayaks and rafts we built, sore on mountain bikes and ropes. We put up tents and put them down again, but didn’t sleep in them. Instead we slept on marble tiles with a mattress thrown over. We kept our water bottles full and hats on. We visited a market and bought local sweets. We sang round a campfire and cooked ¬†marshmallows wearing long sleeves and mosquito repellent. We shouted and chatted and chatted and eventually slept. We did things we had done before and things that were new. We missed our mum and dad and our comfy bed. We had no phones, no iPad, TV or XBox.

We packed up and left, reunited with our parents. Back to our home comforts and love. But the memories we made and the challenges we overcame will be with us in our memories forever!

YouTube Playlist of camp videos: