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Maths: Simple Resources for Understanding Number

It is important that children learn the order of numbers and how they relate to each other as soon as they can. They also need to know the basic number facts, such as the two numbers that make 10, then 20. Here are some simple resources that can be used to show children the order and sequence of number, and begin to understand the patterns that begin to emerge.

    • numberline and peg. (show me the number)
    • Abacus – helps with 5’s, 10’s and basic number facts
    • 100’s board – count in 10’s from 23,33 – show patterns – relationships of numbers
    •  flash cards and dice – for instant recall of numbers – ‘subertizing’
    • dice with more than 6 sides – basic number facts – two ten sided dice for number facts up to 20
    • double sided counters – drop 10

There are many lesson ideas that use these resources. They are also useful for a quick warm up.

A ‘LoTech’ Teacher’s Support Kit

Many children (and adults) have difficulty organizing themselves. Below are some items that teachers can use to help. It may seem obvious but having an eraser on the end of the pencil that you are using can save a lot of time hunting for an eraser! Lined paper that has highlighted lines, or even raised or embossed lines can help children who are having difficulty writing neatly. A reading stand can help in all kinds of situations such as providing a place to put a list of vocabulary and holding notes that are being typed up. Highlighters and sticky notes can be used to emphasis words or parts of words. Words, phrases and notes on sticky notes can help to organize a narrative. Different colours can be used for the beginning, middle and end for example.

Laminated ‘help sheets’ such as spelling words, topic vocabulary or a ‘hundred chart’ can be invaluable. If laminated they can be reused after marks are made on them using whiteboard markers.

What other LoTech items are invaluable to our students?